7 Canadian universities that offer scholarships to African students.

7 Canadian universities that offer scholarships to African students.

Are you an African student planning to study in Canada? This post has outlined 7 universities in Canada offering scholarship to students from African countries to study various courses of their choice. These scholarships vary from different courses depending on your course of choice and grade. However, the good part is that the scholarship is for both undergraduate and postgraduate students who want to take their education to another level in a wonderful country.

About Canada

Canada is a North American country with one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The country is now a world leader in education and infrastructural development. In fact, the country is now the destination for immigrants who are seeking for ways to improve their lives and broaden their horizon.

Why you should study in Canada

Every year, Canadian universities receive dozens of applications from international students, most especially from Africans who want to study any course of their choice. Canada has some of the best educational facilities for students, irrespective of their age and race. These scholarships care for the student’s welfare, especially those with financial needs.

Because the government of Canada takes education seriously, they ensure that every person coming into the country to study gets maximum security and safety throughout their study period. So, Canada is no doubt the destination for quality education and security for international students.

Many African students have studied in Canada with different scholarship offers. Some of these students have also settled in the country because of its high employment rate. This is because Canada values education, and they believe it is one key to success.

7 Canadian universities that offer scholarships to African students.

Scholarship is a wonderful initiative set up for students by world-class universities to study any course of their choice. These scholarships have different requirements and entry level which an applicant must meet before we can accept them to study their preferred course. In Canada, the case is not different. Therefore, you must be qualified and also meet some certain requirements before you can study in the country.

Let’s check out 7 Canadian universities offering scholarship to international students to study the course of their choice.

This institution is a beautiful citadel of learning for international students who want to take their educational career to another level. The university has different programs ranging from diploma, advance diploma and certificate programs. It is the wise choice for international students.

At Humber College, students can enroll for different scholarship programs like Bachelor’s Degree Scholarship for EAP graduates, International Entrance Scholarship, and many more. The requirement for getting accepted into these scholarships is having a good grade. Read more…

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This is no doubt one of the best universities for international students who want to advance their education in Canada. They have some of the best programs in the country, and like any other university, you must have the requirements before they can accept you into one of their scholarship programs.

Their scholarship includes Financial Award Scholarship, Academic Merit Scholarship, and others. The English language is mandatory when applying for these scholarships. Read more..

Another great citadel of learning in Canada is the University of Alberta. What makes it even more unique is its low tuition fee for both local and international students. The university offers a scholarship worth millions of dollars to African students who want to migrate to Canada for educational purposes.

They have different scholarships, such as Sponsored Student Scholarship, General Undergraduate Scholarships for undergraduate students, Country-Specific Scholarship, and Athletic Scholarships for international students. Read more..

This university also has a lot of programs and opportunities to offer African students. Apart from the financial support they offer students, they also have other packages for internationals that make it easier for any applicant to apply, even as a fresh student. In contrast to their scholarship programs, the university also has loans for students who want to advance their career, as long as they have the requirements. Read more..

There are now eleven African scholarships available in Canada, each with its own set of conditions. They value the efforts of African and other international students. That is why they set aside millions each year to satisfy scholarship needs by providing financial help to students. An International Major Entrance Scholarship is a good example of this type of grant. This is a scholarship for talented African students who are interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree.

The university ranks among the top three universities in Canada. Read more..

Some scholarships they offer international students include International Program Tuition Levy Scholarship, IB Entrance Scholarship, Jack Matthews International Scholarships, and many others. These scholarships are easy to get once you have the requirements.

Another good thing is that they value international students, so they set up edifices that allow students to enjoy their stay in Canada. If you want to apply or you need more information about their scholarships. Read more..

This is another great citadel of learning in Canada that offers scholarships to African students. They also offer entrance scholarships, just as mentioned. However, most of their scholarships are mainly for students who recently gained admission into the university, which is better known as undergraduate students.

Their scholarships don’t have strict requirements. They base the determining factor on your grade and performance while in other schools. They have two types of scholarship that are specially designed for African students. These include In-course scholarships and President’s Gold Scholarships. Read more..


In conclusion, these scholarships aimed at assisting African and international students who want to study in Canada. Before applying for any of these scholarships at these great universities, applicants should inquire about the requirements to get a better picture of what it includes. If you are interested in any institution, I suggest you go to their website to learn more about the scholarships available in Canada for better information.

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