7 ways to prepare and pass an exam

7 ways to prepare and pass an exam without stressing yourself.

Writing exams can be so challenging, especially if you are new to the school environment. However, there are many tricks to overcome these challenges. In this post, I will show you ways to prepare and pass an exam very easy.

When you are in your first year in school, you feel as if you are on top of the world. But when the time for the exam approaches, this is when you get nervous to the extent of sweating out. This shouldn’t be so because exams can be the best moment for you as a university student.

Some students would say they don’t like exams. When you don’t like exams, what are you doing in school? Exams can be your best friend the moment you take it as one. So, one of the greatest ways to prepare and pass an exam easily is by reading and studying what works for you.

However, there are other ways you can prepare and pass any exam without thinking the opposite.

  • Create a comfortable study zone

You know why some folks think exams are a big deal. And they fear failure? It is because they are not studying in the right place, zone, and time. Create a comfortable place you can use to study before, during or after exams period. This system has worked for many people, including myself, so it can also work for you.

You can create a study place in your department, home or any other places that have less distraction. Avoid crowded areas if possible. I have seen some folks who are good at studying in crowded areas, but the situation might not work for you. So, always avoid those places no matter what.

What doesn’t work for you can’t work for you, you need to know this. There are no two ways about it.

For instance, you can make space in your environment where you think there won’t be much distraction. This is what you should know. Distractions can take away half of your time, so you will wonder what exactly you are doing, and by the time you know it, you have wasted the time you should do something meaningful. So, creating and organizing a comfortable study zone is one of the surest ways to prepare and pass an exam.

  • Exercise a day before the exam

Most students don’t know this works. Yes! It works like magic because it will keep your brain refreshed and healthy.

But do you know our brains need refreshment? The brain, just as any organ in our body, is a very special property, and it is necessary to keep it refreshed so that it can function the way it should be.

However, exercising is not just for the brain alone, you are exercising other elements in your body that will make the brain work properly. It can make you remember whatever you have read easily.

  • Study past questions

The easiest and most simple ways to prepare and pass exams is by studying pass questions. I don’t know of the rest, but the method works for me, especially when I can’t afford expensive textbooks.

I’m not saying you put all your focus on past questions, but practicing them will give you the extra edge you need during exams. Some colleges provide these past questions in bulk for their students to practice.

Organize them according to the difficult subject, then know which one to treat the most. Past questions are very crucial during exams period, and it is one trick that has worked for me to date.

  • Don’t cram

Do you know why you shouldn’t cram during exams period? Because you might forget all that you have crammed before the exam even starts. So, instead of you cram, memorize every topic from the top to the bottom and continue with it that way.

Why I don’t advise students to cram? Because I don’t like it, and it doesn’t encourage long-time learning. In fact, it is not just the best way if you want to pass any exam comfortably because you will doubt what you have done.

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  • Eat well and take enough water

Preparing for exams comes in different ways, and eating well is one of them. You don’t want to be in an exam hall or center and be feeling hungry. It won’t allow you to do anything. In fact, it will distract you from doing what you supposed to do.

There are some foods you should avoid eating before exams, examples are heavy carbohydrates.

This is because they make you feel heavy and tired or even lazy.

You want to write a very important exam? Refreshing your brain and system with the right diet will not only improve your mental thinking, it can also enhance your feasibility, allowing you to think properly. According to Webmd, fat and ketones when you eat heavy carbs fuel mainly your body. Read more..

  • Engage yourself in other activities

You want to write an exam doesn’t mean you should isolate yourself. This is not the way. Instead, engage your time and energy in some other activities like seminars, weekly studies and social gatherings. It will help you a lot, just like the way it has been beneficial to me.

There are two things involved during exams period—you get nervous or happy. Why is it so? It is because of how you have engaged yourself during preparations.

Your preparation to pass any exam is not complete without this last point.

  • Sleep well before the exam

Keep your body ready because you will have a very busy day. As I have mentioned, exercising your body and keeping your brain refreshed will expand your mental thinking. This is one crucial area in exam preparations and hacking any exam without stress.

I believe this has been an eye-opener for you. Now you know how to prepare and pass any exam that comes your way.


Exam preparations is one of the basic parts of learning, and before you can get it right, you must follow what is working for you. Take note and jot down any topic you are finding too difficult and strike it the way I have explained in this post. However, if you still need any further assistant, you can reach out to me, and I will be happy to be of help.

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