A skill and university degree — Which is more important?

A skill and university degree – things you should know about the both and opportunities.

This argument about a skill and university degree has long been existing but hasn’t being addressed because of social and psychological factors.

No doubt getting a university or college degree is a tremendous achievement for both the students and the guardians, mostly if you consider the big impact and reputation it has on the family. But that doesn’t mean a degree is more important than having a skill in today’s world, especially in the current digital age.

I have written this post to explain some reasons university or college students should prioritize a skill over degree or combine both together to achieve a sustainable result. I am not saying having a degree is not good, but in today’s world, a skill is more required to attain that status and reputation you need in any society.

Let’s base this argument on fact and learning, so keep reading the post to know why you should take both skill and degree really seriously.

When look at both degree and skill, you understand one is more important than the other. To cut things short, a degree only teaches the theory aspect of learning and getting exposed to life-learning and its principles. It’s also your ticket to reach different places. While skill is about practical, practical, and more practical. When you analyze the both of them very well, you notice one has more advantage than the latter in many areas.

So, like I have said, I will explain reasons you should prioritize having a skill and a degree together even while you are still in school. The reason for this post is for most students who are still thinking of a career path to follow. In order not to get mislead by people or even friends by friends, it is imperative to seek knowledge from the experience ones who have gone through such stage before.

In fact, I can boldly advise people to go for the both, which I am doing right now. Is like using one stone to kill two birds. For instance, if you are a computer student, learn a programming language while doing your studies in college. Even your Professor will salute you by the time you graduated.

What is a skill?

Wikipedia defines skill as the ability to perform an action with determined results.

Having a skill helps an individual to achieve a goal even without a degree. Why skill is very important is that you can learn and nurtured it until it becomes part of you forever. So, if you a student it is not too late to learn a skill because the time may come when university degree will be just like an ordinary paper.

Ok this is a tip. Learn a skill that is not related to your course of study. The reason is that it will make you learn and discover new things with a different approach to solve any situation you found yourself. Don’t assume that you are already in college or university and you don’t need a skill. This is a wrong mindset.

In fact, this type of mindset doesn’t encourage learning in the real world.

So, a skill is a different approach in learning that requires practical in order to achieve a specific goal.

What is a degree?

A degree is a credential that already guarantees immediate employment upon completing a course in a college or university. Having looked at these two definitions, you will notice a slight difference between them. However, they are from the same perspective.

In today’s world, only paper alone doesn’t make you a qualified candidate for a particular job, because most employers nowadays prefer to employ someone with a skill. So, it doesn’t matter the university you attend or the grade you have.

Without the right digital skill, you may lag. Having look at that, let me show you the reasons having a skill is important.

Reasons you should learn a digital skill while in school

  • You will gain more respect and reputation in the society. Nowadays, even the degree holders don’t get regarded the way it should be. Not like before where university graduates were like gold in the society, especially in many African countries.
  • Learning a skill makes an individual to be more humble and wiser. So, imagine combining both the skill and degree together. You will be out of this world because success is already knocking at your door. Except if you are not a serious person.
  • A skill will give you the right mindset and attitude to succeed in the real world.
  • It will also make your studies to be less stressful, especially in the university where only the powerful and connected people easily get what they want because of their influence and power. So, having a skill will give you the advantage over anyone in school if you know what you are doing.

Which is more important between a skill and degree?

At this stage, if you are have been reading this post all along, none is more important than the other. How you planned your future and what you aimed to achieve is more important as a young person.

However, it assumed by some people that having a college degree is important because it guarantees immediate job upon completing a course.

In school, what we they didn’t teach us was how to prepare our minds for the future. The school system only teaches the fundamental basics of growth, development, and how to aim higher for advance educational resources and continuous learning.

However, as a skilled individual, the sky is your limit as long as you have the skill that is required in the current digital age. Whether it is a digital skill or industrial skill. You have more control over yourself.

Because of this, I will advise students to get a skill. There are many skills that are in-demand in which you can learn and be financially sound in school and after schooling. You won’t need to depend on anyone before you can do what you want.


Having a degree is a precious stone that every individual should aim to get. But along the line, it is important to engage in what you love doing, because everyone is talented in different ways. But how to nurture and develop that talent is the major issue with some people.

I have stated reasons you should aim to have the both. I hope this post has impacted you positively.

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