How to schedule WhatsApp messages on Android and iPhone.

How to schedule WhatsApp messages on Android and iPhone devices.

In this post, I will show you step-by-step how to schedule WhatsApp messages on Android and iPhone.

WhatsApp is a completely free messaging tool you can use to strengthen your relationship with friends, families, and even business associates.

The micro-social app has gained massive growth over the years because of its wonderful features that allow users to connect easily with people and businesses all over the world.

WhatsApp hosts key features that include WhatsApp link to message, uploading and sending images and videos, instant messaging to your list of contacts, and lots more.

In addition to this, the audio and video call features have taken WhatsApp to a different level. But what is missing in the app is the scheduling messages on Android and iPhone devices.

Since the internet has turned into a business place, the need to schedule WhatsApp messages has become an essential part of the web. Whether you want to chat with friends later in the day, or set a reminder to be performed on the next day, the scheduling of messages is essential for users.

WhatsApp business AI is expanding. So, with the help of third-party tools, you can easily schedule WhatsApp messages using Android or iPhone.

Scheduling WhatsApp message on Android phone

There are many third-party tools and apps you can use to schedule WhatsApp messages on Android phones. These apps have original structure and functionality. But the best of them all and recommendable is SKEDit.

Why SKEDit? It is user friendly and you can even use it to schedule EMAILS, SMS, and CALLS. Besides this, it is one of the most popularly used in the world.

A quick review of the SKEDit app

Price: Free / In-app purchases

Space required: 17 MB

Compatibility: Android 5.0+

Limit on message schedule: unlimited

Below are the steps to schedule a message on Android

1. Install SKEDit from the Google play store and launch the app.

2. Sign up using your personal information. Input the right details for easy identification.

3. After you’ve signed in, click on WhatsApp from the app menu.

4. The fourth step is to grant the app permission on your phone.

Go-to your phone’s Setting>Accessibility>Toggle on Permission>Grant Allow.

After that, you can return to the app.

5. Scheduling message on WhatsApp requires you to first input the recipient name, add the schedule details like name and date.

6. You can even review your settings before sending a scheduled message. When you click the “Ask me before sending” option, you will see a prompt before it can send the message.

7. If you’ve disabled the “Ask me before sending” option, you must also disable your phone’s screen lock.

You will be prompt to disable the phone’s battery saving mode.

Note: By enabling this step, you’re allowing WhatsApp to send messages automatically, but there is a privacy concern.

Since you have disabled screen lock, there will be privacy concern. Therefore, this last step may not be a necessity.

So, this is the easiest way to schedule WhatsApp messages on Android phones. Having look at that, let’s check out how to schedule message on iPhone.

Scheduling WhatsApp message on iPhone

iPhone differs from Android, so scheduling WhatsApp messages requires a more technical way. Because Apple is more concerned about the user privacy, they don’t allow the use of third party apps for any of its services.

You don’t need to worry because there is a way out, and what we will use for iPhone is the Siri shortcuts app.

A quick review of the shortcuts app

Price: Free

Space required: 142 MB

Compatibility: iOS 12.0+

Limit on message schedule: 1 week

Below are the steps to schedule a message on iPhone

1. Download and install the shortcuts app on your iPhone’s app store.

2. Launch and click the automation button on the bottom of the app.

3. Select the + icon, which is at the top right corner, and then click “Create Personal Automation”.

4. After you’ve created personal automation, you need to press “Time Of Day” to schedule your automation.

After that, choose a date and time to schedule your WhatsApp message. When you’re done with this step, you need to press next.

5. Click on “Add Action”, after that, go-to search bar and type “Text”. From the drop-down, you need to select “Text”.

6. The app will prompt you to input message details on the text field. You can just type anything you want.

7. After that, you need to select the + icon which is under the “Text” field. A window will pop up in which you need to type “WhatsApp” in the search bar.

8. A drop-down menu will appear, select or choose “Send Message Through WhatsApp”. select whomever you want to send the message and click “Next”.

9. The app will prompt you immediately the message is scheduled. Click the notification bar and it will take you to the campaign message window. Then you need to click “Send” to complete the setup.

To wrap it up

These steps are not considered to be fully automated because of the privacy issue with these two devices. But these apps can get the job done for you without issue.

Scheduling WhatsApp messages on both Android and iPhone has never been that easy.

I hope this content has answered some of your questions on how to schedule WhatsApp messages on mobile devices. You might still want to learn how to create a WhatsApp business account for all the products and services you have online.

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